Thanks to the always clever Seth Godin for suggesting that I brand myself the Mona Lisa of That struck a chord somehow. Maybe because, like Mona Lisa, you (I mean “I”) never know what I’m really thinking. Until I force myself to write it down. Aussi, parce que je parle assez bien le francais.

Blogging has its rewards, you know. One is that the more you write, the better you write. Anyway, I was lucky enough to spend five days in Paris recently. Here I am at the Louvre with the Mona Lisa herself.

This is a poster in case you’re wondering. It points the way to the huge new exhibition hall created especially for La Joconde, as the French call her. The real painting is a disappointingly small affair behind glass. Difficult to view because of the reflection and even more difficult to photograph.

Useful Link

Take a look at the interactive Mona Lisa.