Nice to wake up on Monday morning to this subject line in an email from Robin Crumby, managing director of UK-based publishing and research company Melcrum: “Your book rocked my world!” I sent him a galley copy of The Corporate Blogging Book for an early peek:

“I took your book on holiday, naively thinking that I could dip into it during a quiet moment and lo and behold, read it cover to cover – I couldn’t put it down.

And then proceeded to talk about it for the remainder of my time in sunny Majorca, Spain!

‘RSS is the new e-mail’ will become my mantra for [today’s] UK NEPA conference. As well as other gems such as the many ways that blogs can help your business, over and above the “I’m a consultant/thought leader and here’s what I think” approach which seems to be the norm.”

– Robin Crumby

Speaking of the folks at Melcrum, I’m delighted to report that I’ll be a speaker at Melcrum’s Strategic Communication Management Summit in London on Oct. 19, 2006. Cool, huh?!