Entertaining update from David Kline on the latest publishing deals inked by blogger-authors. Two that caught my eye (David’s comments in quotations):

– “Former Wonkette blogger Ana Marie Cox’s first nonfiction book, on the
next generation of political activists, again to Riverhead, reportedly
for “mid-six-figures” (Washington Post)”

[Her “juicy” political novel Dog Days, just published, is reviewed here.]

– “Seth Godin’s SMALL IS THE NEW BIG: And Other (Little) Ideas that Change
Everything, a small collection of big articles – from blog posts,
ebooks, and magazine articles, to Portfolio [note: this is my publisher], for an advance somewhere
between $100,000-$250,000″

When I can turn entries from BlogWriteForCEOs into a 6-figure – plus deal then I’ll know I’ve arrived. Don’t hold your breath… But heck, who knows?!