My friend and colleague Rebecca Lieb has got it spot on in her ClickZ column today. Rebecca is executive editor of's Interactive Marketing channel (which includes ClickZ) so she's not a distinterested party to the concept of B (for business) blogging.

ClickZ was the sponsor of this week's conference on Weblogs. She writes: “Blogs are fast, direct, honest, and raw. And despite protests from some purist bloggers, they're steadily being adopted as marketing tools… So, marketers. How can you harness a viral tornado for your business?”

Good question… well, here's an obvious example. JupiterMedia, ClickZ's parent company, couldn't have asked for better promotion of their event than the real-time blogging by attendees. Was it all positive? No, but that's the point. It created big-time buzz at NO COST. Read her column.