P.S. Bob Parsons and Go Daddy are no strangers to a bit of controversy. Bob was criticized for spending a reported $2.4M on a TV Super Bowl ad to gain exposure for his fledgling domain name company. His reponse to that here.

And I’ve been thinking… maybe I shouldn’t jump on Bob so fast about his Gitmo blog essay. If he’s willing to be that transparent about his politics and – this is the caveat – willing to acknowledge that his conservative political leanings do color our perception of his company( for better or for worse), then so be it.

Blog away… this is how the snowball effect (aka snowblogging) occurs. Say something controversial. Prompt lots of response. Get lots of links. And the snowball of conversation about Go Daddy just gets bigger. Which is the whole point of effective blogging, isn’t it?

In this case, I think he’s crossed the line from controversial to inappropriate. Mix terrorism into any discussion of politics and the results are bound to be inflammatory, misconstrued, etc. But that’s my definition of a line not to cross in corporate blogging. Perhaps I’m being a purist. Waddya think?? Click Comments and speak up even if you want to give me a hard time. It’s OK, really…