It’s treacherous territory but I’m reconsidering my earlier posts here and here. I initially said Go Daddy CEO Bob Parsons made a huge goof in posting an essay about interrogation techniques at Guantanamo Bay to his blog. Yes, it was offensive to many. But, according to Parsons, many others responded positively in private emails. Parsons clearly has a big following on his blog. (His blog is the 23rd most popular blog site, according to a Go Daddy press release. Hmmm, the computation based on combining his Alexa ranking with the Technorati Top 100 seems a bit garbled. No matter, his blog gets a lot of traffic.)

As I opined in my second post, maybe stirring up a bit of controversy was worth the increased exposure, even though much of it was negative. But there’s still the nagging question… if you’re a CEO, can you really have a blog that is separate from your company, i.e. that doesn’t represent your company in some way? I think not.