Here’s the list from The New York Times. Includes Freakonomics, Harry Potter, Blink, The World Is Flat, etc. Would be fun to make next year’s list. I’m hoping the timing won’t be off. Will “corporate blogging” have peaked by mid-2006?

Umm, no, I don’t think so. Actually that’s part of my thesis. Most people are just getting into what blogs and blogging and the blogosphere will mean for business. Yeah, I know for those of us inside the blogosphere this topic is old news. It’s loud and echo-y inside here. Everyone knows about it. It’s all been said. Blaa, blaa, etc. etc.

But most business folk, certainly corporate types, aren’t hanging around the blogosphere. They’re surely not reading the drivel I’m posting here. But I hope they’ll read The Corporate Blogging Book!

Also, worth a read – Pamela Paul’s NYTimes essay on book blogs. She starts out:

ALMOST every author I know with a new book does it – the embarrassing, nearly irresistible, ritualistic dip into Internet-assisted narcissism. I know I do. Prodded by a combination of curiosity and dread, I’ll scour the Web not just to ascertain sales (impossible) or check out the press coverage, but to get a sense of what ordinary readers are saying about my book when they think I’m not listening.