Like so many others, I’ve long struggled with an overflowing email inbox. And a love/hate relationship with email. I wrote a column for ClickZ on Email Addiction over six years ago. It got more response from readers (from all over the world) than anything else I wrote for them.

I missed VC and well-known blogger Fred Wilson’s declaration of Email Bankruptcy on April 23, 2007. (VC Jeff Nolan filed for email bankruptcy the next day.) Mike Musgrove writes about Fred on the front page of today’s Washington Post: E-Mail Reply to All: ‘Leave Me Alone.’

Interestingly, Mike gets it wrong. Fred is twittering from his blog this Friday morning of Memorial Day Weekend. He twitters:

“on the east end of long island, perfect weather, doing email and blogging. got to get outside!”

– Fred Wilson, twittering on May 25, 2007

So what’s a gal to do? Yesterday I found a link to LifeHacker’s How to free up space in gmail. I may try that. On the other hand, I may go outside and enjoy this beautiful weekend. Waddya think??

Update on email bankruptcy in The Guardian

Fiona Walsh, online business editor of The Guardian asked me to write an article about “email bankruptcy.” Here’s how it ran: The secret of happiness: delete all (June 11, 2007)


It took less than 30 minutes to get my Gmail inbox down to 81 percent full using LifeHacker’s tip.