Yeah, you guessed it. It’s spam. I know I shouldn’t be putting my head in the sand, but I find myself unwilling or unable to follow every twist and turn of the anti-spam bill which has (finally) been passed by Congress.

Will it be the antidote to your flood of unwanted messages? Perhaps a partial panacea. Although some are saying it will be an invitation to spammers to work even harder.

I may not be the only one who feels this way. A recent survey of email marketers by Jupiter Media and EmailLabs revealed that 31% regard blacklists and potential filtering as their greatest concern when it comes to email delivery. Only 8% cite potential legislation as their biggest worry.

Thanks to Janet Roberts of Ezine-Tips for a pointer to a detailed article in CNET News about the Senate version of the anti-spam bill.

Finally, here’s an up-to-date article by Ralph F. Wilson on how to comply with the “CAN SPAM Act of 2003.”