Santa_1Well there can only be one Santa blog, right? Wrong. Turns out there are lots of them. I’m a firm believer in Santa and there’s only one of him so I’m not sure I understand this multiple santa blog thing. Most of them must be fake.

But I digress… When Naomi Kim, a reporter from Reuters, called last week I was sitting in the chair at my hairdresser. She had just started snipping away. You can’t say no to a reporter, so thus was born this pronouncement on Santa blogs:

“You have to have a really distinctive voice and personality — and
in this case clever writing, I would think — to stand out,” said
corporate blogging consultant Debbie Weil, also author of “The
Corporate Blogging Book

While her clients tend to be real-life
CEOs over make-believe ones, Weil said the end result of having a blog
remains the same.

“It makes you more accessible, and when people leave  comments, it gives you influence too,” said Weil.

She said it’s also the bells and whistles, such as videos, podcasts and
even an availability of different translations that contribute to a
successful site.”

Naomi Kim for Reuters

Multiple languages for Santa’s blog

The multiple language thing is key for Santa, don’t you think? I wonder if they can make drop-down boxes that long. Sun Microsystem’s Jonathan Schwartz has a drop-down on his CEO blog but it’s only for translation into 10 languages.

Blogging is peaking

Naomi also quoted Gartner analyst Adam Sarner on Gartner’s Key Predictions for 2007. Number #3 on the list is that blogging will peak in the first half of 2007. Opined Sarner:

“Just about everything you can think of has been blogged about. The
craze has been reached,” said Sarner who predicts the number of blogs
will peak at about 100,000 million in early 2007. He estimates there
are already 200 million ex-bloggers.”

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