phone_m_2_bl_rt.jpg By popular demand, WordBiz is offering an Audio/Web version of The Uncool Blogging Seminar. This is a highly-practical (er, uncool) session that will give you a blueprint for how to launch and maintain a business blog and how to integrate it with your email & e-newsletter marketing. We’ll cover everything from what a blog is and how blogging works (in non-techie terms, of course) to what to write about and how to maintain a blog so that it’s a highly-efficient, low-cost communications and marketing tool.

The accompanying Web presentation will include live links to useful blogs. We’ll give you key DO’s and DON’TS of business blogging by showing you specific examples you can copy from.

If you can’t travel to Washington D.C. for the live seminar on June 30, 2004, you can tune in by phone and Web July 1st at 1 PM Eastern for a 90-minute session where you can get much of the same information from blog design expert Komra Moriko and me. More details & sign up… Hope you can join us!