Two things you should know if you're planning to attend an Internet-related conference any time soon.

1) Bring your laptop with WiFi (wireless Internet) card so you can post to your blog, IM (instant message) and heckle the panelists and speakers with your smart comments – all in real time of course. 'Course you can also surf the Web, check your email, or do any number of things on your laptop instead of listening. Don't believe me? Follow this link (courtesy of Martin Roell) to download the transcript of the IRC real-time chat that took place on day two of ClickZ's June 2003 Weblog conference. Attendees were heckling (controversial) speaker Tony Perkins, founder of AlwaysOn.

2) Don't forget to bring your digital camera and take pictures of everybody. Here are some good photos of the ClickZ Weblog conference by Dan Bricklin. Here's a photo of me (orange scarf; silver laptop) in the front row next to techie blogger Sam Ruby (guy with the beard).