You’ve heard about live blogging, video streaming and live tweeting from an event. Don’t forget a good old-fashioned home page crammed with content to make you wish you were there. I can’t attend BlogWorld this week in Las Vegas (I spoke at BlogWorld ’07) but anyone can learn a ton about this high octane event by visiting www.blogworldexpo.com.

On the home page are preview video interviews with keynote speakers like Guy Kawasaki, Kara Swisher and Scott Monty, links to the Twitter page (transparently written by conference organizer Rick Calvert), an active Facebook event page and Flickr photos from BlogWorld 2008. There are also clearly labeled hashtags.


Hashtags are a way of aggregating everyone’s tweets about a similar topic or event so they can be more easily found. This year it’s #bwe09 on Twitter and #blogworld09 for Flickr photos.

There’s also the obvious content for those interested in attending: an easy-to-spot register button and a button for hotel info (always a consideration in Vegas).

One quibble

One quibble with the page design: the full conference agenda is hard to find. You have to scroll way down. And I don’t see a Twitter stream, either from @BlogWorld or using an app like TwitterFall that aggregates tweets using #bwe09.