Read and/or listen to Niall Kennedy’s exclusive interview with SixApart’s Anil Dash about TypePad’s recent outage and what it means to the future of business blog hosting – and to SixApart. (I’ll listen when I get a chance. Still writing… ) Niall works for Technorati, BTW, which is down the street from 6A in San Francisco.

Also, read Steve Rubel’s provocative “this too shall pass” post about this latest TypePad episode, yet another in a string of frustrating experiences with the service over the past few months. Steve says The Day is Darkest Before Dawn and uses eBay’s early scaling problems as a parallel.

For the record, I tend to agree. Like Steve, I remain a SixApart fan and hope they figure out how to make TypePad bullet-proof.

And yes I was one of those leading the cry for an explanation of the problems when I wrote Listen up SixApart: some of your TypePad customers may switch.

I’m not giving up on TP yet. But for heaven’s sakes guys, throw a ton of that venture money you got (how much was it??) at this problem and get it fixed.


Silence of the Blogs (Forbes’ Technology)


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