As a young child, I remember waking up on Wednesday Nov. 9, 1960, elated to learn that John F. Kennedy had been elected President. This is the most exciting and historic post-election day since then.  Simon Hoggart, a British journalist and good friend, emailed this morning to say it more eloquently. I am at a loss for words.

“What a joy and what a relief! Of course it could go terribly wrong, but right now it is a fabulous day for America, for the world, and for the world’s view of America. Welcome back to the shining city on a hill!”
Simon Hoggart

Simon’s thoughts on the election viewed from afar are echoed in the New York Times today: For Many Abroad, an Ideal Renewed.

“There is a country out there where tens of millions of white Christians, voting freely, select as their leader a black man of modest origin, the son of a Muslim. There is a place on Earth — call it America — where such a thing happens… America — the idea as much as the actual place — stand(s) again, perhaps only fleetingly, for limitless possibility.”
– The New York Times, Nov. 5, 2008

Below are a few pics of what the headlines look like this morning, both online and off. Also, a photo of the sample ballot in my precinct in D.C.


Like so many other Americans, I’m pretty tired today. I canvassed yesterday in Fredericksburg – an hour’s drive south of Washington DC – to Get Out the Vote in Virginia, a key swing state. It was a tight race (early results last night put Obama behind). But Obama won VA, 52% to 48%. Go DC and Maryland volunteers who put in so many hours!