The subtle differences between how one uses Facebook, Twitter and a blog are very interesting. I’m continually trying to explain this to clients. Strategy aside, there are distinct differences in how you talk or write for the different platforms.

Simply put, you write in a different “voice” and, generally, talk about different topics. So while I posted an “endorsement” of trash can liners on Facebook this morning, I probably wouldn’t tweet about trash cans – or garbage bags. FWIW I’m buying the special trash can liners from This socially media savvy company (they also have a blog) places a “Share via Facebook” link on the checkout page. Clever.

Now I am writing about this on my blog, but only as an illustration of how these platforms are different. And yes, the different audiences are key to what makes me change my message and voice.

On Facebook, I have enough family members and friends that I figure they won’t be too surprised to learn that I have garbage in my house, I must dispose of it and that I’ve discovered a cool new garbage can and special liners for it.