fortune_20060417.jpgIn the April 17, 2006 issue of Fortune Magazine I’m quoted in a 100-word sidebar on page 36 (lower left-hand corner) about corporate blogging. Fortune reporter Telis Demos, author of the sidebar, writes:

Yesterday your grandmother started blogging. So why aren’t more FORTUNE 500 companies joining the sphere? Some blognosticators predict that blogs are the future of corporate PR and that all 500-level companies will have them by 2010. But, which indexes FORTUNE 500 blogs open to the public, has found just 24, mostly operated inside tech companies…

Debbie Weil of chalks it up to uncertainty. “What’s the ROI on blogging?” she asks. “Nobody knows yet.” Blogging may still prove to be a great PR tool, but the 500 aren’t on the blandwagon just yet.

Not sure those were exactly my words but what the heck… fun to get a tiny moment of exposure in Fortune.

Oh, and as for the validity of Telis’s sidebar, we’ll see. I think the corporate blogging phenomenon will unfold more rapidly than we might expect. It’s my prediction that blogs (or something like them – live, interactive, user-friendly) will become a standard feature of any corporate Web site. (I’ve emailed Telis to tell him that and suggest that Fortune do a longer article on the topic… )

Amusing Typo

Just noticed this today. In the last sentence of the sidebar above it says “blandwagon” instead of “bandwagon.” Let’s hope that corporate blogs aren’t already making the wagon bland.

Oops… lame joke

I didn’t get the joke. Telis just emailed me to say:

Hi Debbie. Actually, it’s not a typo-it’s a lame joke. Lots of bloggers have bloggerized words, like “bleg” for “beg” (when they’re raising money). More than a few of the copyeditors noticed it too, so you’re not the first to ask about it. Sorry for any confusion!