I’ve been obsessing over the provisonal title for this book. Topic: corporate blogging. Audience: savvy but non-techie managers of big companies corporate managers, senior executives and solopreneurs who want to know what blogging is and how they can use it.

Why am I obsessing? As a way to procrastinate, of course. But also… I’ve been walking through a lot of airports lately and studying the wall of business books.  Visually, your cover has gotta have a one-word or two-word title. Though long sub-titles after a colon are OK. So… Blink. Freakonomics. Winning. God (is my) CEO. (Good to) GREAT.

And my, er, brilliant choice, B L O G (colon). Sub-title: How Smart Companies Are Talking To Their Customers and Employees.

Then of course, you need a corresponding URL for your book. That’s why I’ve registered www.BlogSmartCompanies.com. Seth Godin ignores the short title thing, BTW. His new book, “All Marketers Are Liars,” can be found at his book blog www.AllMarketersAreLiars.com. But he’s got Purple Cow, Permission Marketing, Free Prize Inside, etc.

Of course, my title may change in the end. That’s
how it works in publishing. In which case I’ll need to snag a new
domain for the book and accompanying blog. What you see above is a good placeholder, says my whip-smart editor at Penguin, Megan Casey.

Oh, and meet Megan. She’ll be the hovering presence behind this blog for the next three to four months while I crank out the book. Eegads… not much time. If you want to give her a piece of your mind via email, click her name and fire away. Megan says it’s OK.

BlogSmart.com, which has a nice clean ring to it, was already taken by the clever Dave Taylor.

Have another idea for a one or two-word title? Click the Comments link below and suggest it!