Here’s yet another reason to get into the corporate blogging game in 2008

According to a survey by communications firm Brodeur (announced at the CES in Las Vegas last month), journalists are heavy users of the blogosphere for research and quick reporting. [Download PDF of the survey.]

” …New media (social media and blogs) is
having an impact on
many different aspects of reporting, particularly the speed
availability of news,” according to the Brodeur press release.

Journalists are using blogs to get tone, nuance and story angles. No, they don’t believe everything they read in blogs but social media is a great source of additional information when a reporter is on deadline.

So get yourself into the blogosphere if you’re not there yet. And be sure to put your company or contact phone number in a visible spot on your blog. Reporters on deadline tend to pick up the phone and call, rather than email. And if your company blog is revealing and useful, you may find yourself quoted in the Wall Street Journal.

Big Blogs Meet Big Media: Wall Street Journal quotes Google corporate blog

The WSJ quoted Google’s corporate blog in a story earlier this week (sorry, can’t find the article) about Microsoft’s proposed acquisition of Yahoo. The Google blog entry was written by David Drummond, a Google senior VP and Chief Legal Officer, and – of course – put the Google spin on the story: the acquisition could stifle competition and innovation.

This is exactly what I talk about in The Corporate Blogging Book (I even used Google as an example): why put out a press release when you can say something more directly (and often, more credibly) in your company blog?