Feedburner_logo_small_1 It’s almost 2007. Ya gotta embrace RSS! Don’t sweat the acronym (Really Simple Syndication). Don’t sweat the explanation of how RSS works (via Seth Godin). Just do it!

This blog, BlogWrite For CEOs, now has 1,601 subscribers via FeedBurner. Please subscribe via RSS. (Follow easy instructions after you click through.) Think of it as a Web feed. No email involved. You’ll get an alert via your RSS newsreader of choice (see below) every time there’s a new entry.

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RSS newsreaders that subscribers are using

The screenshot below shows what RSS newsreader subscribers are using. The majority (33 percent) are using Bloglines. Next is Rojo (31 percent). Then NewsGator Online (11 percent) and Netvibes (6 percent). Interestingly, Feedblitz (the “email version” of Feedburner) accounts for 11 percent. Note that these are all free.