Fun to meet up in London last night with a group of UK bloggers. We met at the Hereford Arms, around the corner from my hotel in South Kensington. Very simpatico group: Neville Hobson, Mark White, Martyn Davies, Tom Shelley, Keith Collins and Alex Manchester (editor & blogger for Melcrum).

Lots of discussion – and little agreement – on the recent Edelman / Wal-Marting episode and what it means for Edelman’s reputation as *the* PR firm that can help big clients negotiate the blogosphere.

Edelman’s biggest goof was their silence. It took the firm five days (an eternity in the blogosphere) to fess up publicly to their role in Wal-Mart’s fake blog. Still, I think the incident may blow over.

Neville’s podcast of our blogger meet-up

Stay tuned… I will post this later.