I was quoted in today’s Wall Street Journal in a well-researched story by reporter Sarah Needleman: How Blogging Can Help You Get a New Job (free access to this article – I think).

“Everybody has an online identity whether they know it or not,
and a blog is the single best way to control it,” she [Debbie] says. “You’re
going to be Googled. No one hires anyone or buys anything these days
without going online first and doing research.” — as quoted in an article by Sarah Needleman in the Wall Street Journal.

That holds true for companies as well, of course. No matter how big your brand, you have a better chance of controlling the online conversation around it by hosting your own blog.

One of my favorite examples is Dell’s corporate blog, Direct2Dell, where the Dell folks were able to respond to the exploding laptop battery crisis.

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The Blog Is the New Resume