Publishing an e-newsletter on a regular schedule is a heck of a lot of work. Every now and then a subscriber writes in with a comment that makes my day. Here’s one from Steve Quartermaine: “Debbie, you are one of the few ‘real’ people on the net… ”

I believe he’s referring to authentic voice, the single most important ingredient of an effective e-newsletter (or blog). Everyone who publishes on the Web is “real,” of course. They just don’t all sound that way. Here’s an example – verbatim except I dropped out the names – from an email “sales letter” I received recently. Is this voice credible?

“Dear Debbie,

This is unreal. When Internet marketing guru told me about this, I was dumbfounded.

First, when he told me about the fact that he’s a long-time admirer and follower of guru, I wasn’t surprised.

Considering that guru has a track record of success worth (listen to this) $13,000,000.00 to his credit – yes, that’s 13 billion dollars, with a “B!” – it’s NO wonder.

(Plus, when you think about it, thirteen billion dollars is more than the GROSS NATIONAL PRODUCT of some countries!) But here’s what really shook me (and how YOU benefit).”

Doesn’t work for me… what about you?

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