Az_meeting_405_200Roger Staubach, famed quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys and now CEO of a real estate advisory firm, The Staubach Company, has launched a blog, Monday Morning CEO.
Clever. As for what he’ll be writing about, this could be a precursor
to what we’ll be seeing on other CEO blogs. As he puts it:

“I don’t have the time to personally stay in touch with all of our
people or our 2,400 clients so I hope with the help of my staff this
weekly post will do it some justice. It won’t be formal by any means,
just a short dialogue between the reader and myself. Hopefully when you
close your browser you will have a better understanding of what I do
for a living now as well as the 1200+ people carrying Staubach business
cards around the country.”

other words… he may not write every word himself, his staff will be
helping him with the blog, he’ll only post once a week and he’s blogging so you’ll “better
understand” what he does. Translated, you’ll be jumping up and down
to do business with The Staubach Company. Hmmm…

That may not work. Remember, you gotta apply the WIIFM
(What’s In It For Me) rule to an effective corporate blog. Meaning
what’s in it for your readers, not for you. Oh, BTW, isn’t today Monday?? I don’t see an update to the blog.

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