RSS expert
Rok Hrastnik has penned a lucid explanation of the relationship between blogs, ezines, RSS and email. As he puts it:

“Blogs and e-zines or newsletters are “the what” — what you publish online … the content side.

RSS and e-mail are “the how” — how you get that content or information to the reader … the delivery side.”

Read Rok’s riff.

And online marketing pioneer Ralph F. Wilson has a few sage words on blogs vs. ezines and how they overlap.

As he puts it:

“… for those who don’t follow your blog, send out a monthly newsletter
made up of the most important or enduring blog entries, carefully
edited, with URLs to other important entries in your blog. For news
junkies, a blog provides frequent information. For less intense
customers with whom you still want to retain top-of-mind status, send
your e-mail newsletter.”

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