I just published this week’s issue of WordBiz Report featuring a lead article on long vs. short sales copy by contributing writer Michel Fortin. As an example of “long copy,” I included a pointer to the sales page for my new handbook: Insider Secrets of Profitable E-Newsletters.

I promptly received this feedback from Peter Stone, a WordBiz subscriber who happens to be a copywriter…

“Long sales copy doesn’t just work. It… works to the tune of better than $1.5 trillion dollars a year according to the Direct Marketing Association. I would hope that you would quit apologizing for selling and for having anything to do with selling and just get on with it or get out. You are an internet marketer…

Some of your readers will bristle and leave no matter how you sell. They aren’t buyers. In my opinion, they aren’t nice people either. Otherwise, they would stand by your decision to make some dough off all your hard work.

Lots and lots of people claim far too much offense at having to read long sales copy. If people weren’t buying from it, it would simply go away.

Realize that the most popular publications in the US are the “National Enquirer” and “Reader’s Digest” – and not the “Utne Reader.”

I’ll close here with a wish that you do well this coming year and in the knowledge that God forgives you for selling stuff. :)”

Hallelulah and thank you, Peter!