Seth changed his mind. He mentioned me (briefly) in his blog.

On the evolving topic of “Can you pitch a blog?” with an article or clever idea… I was emailing back and forth today with Seth Godin (he’s a WordBiz Report subscriber). He wrote to say, “Great promo gimmick! Here’s my (suggested) name: Blue Walnut.”

To explain, I’m running a naming contest this week, inviting WordBiz readers to suggest a title for my new E-newsletter Seminar Report coming out this month.

I’ll be upfront. I stole the “naming contest” idea from Lisa Sparks, a smart copywriter in Florida. Whoever submits the winning title gets a free copy of my report (value USD $147). So anyway… Seth loved the idea and submitted Blue Walnut. A title along the lines of his new book Purple Cow, I suppose.

I emailed back and asked if he wanted to blog this clever contest idea. He responded: “I don’t think I’ve ever blogged someone who asked. Not sure why, but that’s the deal.” P.S. He changed his mind! And I don’t have any cats. Ugh, hate ’em. I like dogs and babies.