How cool to meet and chat with Shel Israel* in the hallway outside the Blog Business Summit here in San Francisco. Shel is the co-author with (the famous) Robert Scoble of Naked Conversations (their book about business blogging). He’s just finished writing the first draft of the book for Wiley and is now working on revisions. Can’t wait til I get to that point… although he says it’s tedious.

In the meantime, here’s his advice for writing a book. He starts at about 5 AM and writes till 11:30 AM. “Make it fun,” Shel says. He moves around with his laptop… under the umbrella, on the couch, at his desk. And of course at the local Starbucks.

*Shel tells me he was sitting next to me in the 2nd row at this morning’s sessions… but I didn’t respond when he said hi. Huge apologies for being blind as well as deaf. He says I was engrossed in blogging the event. See here and here.