Listen to six Linchpins who stepped up at the July 21st *Midsummer Madness Sweets and Tweets for delicious pre-Seth Godin cupcakes and to riff for three minutes on how each has made him or herself indispensable at work. Linchpins (and the flip side, self-sabotaging Lizard Brains) are the core concept in Seth Godin‘s newest book, the bestselling LINCHPIN.

Seth Godin was in DC for a rare live event, an all-day seminar (a stop on his road show), at the unlikely venue of the Warner Theatre (photo snapped with iPhone). He announced, in answering a question from the audience, that he doesn’t plan to write any more books.

Scroll down for videos of Sweets and Tweets attendees’ Shashi Bellamkonda, Chris Dorobek, Jennifer Berk, Susan Harris, Justin Thorp and Mike Jolkovski. Great comment from Shashi: “Tim Ferris says you only need to work Four Hours a Week; Malcolm Gladwell says it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert. How do you know what to do?”

*Sweets and Tweets is Washington’s most popular cupcake and social media salon, hosted by yours truly. Photos of the 7/21/10 event on our Facebook page.

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