eMarketer’s new report on business blogging says big companies aren’t jumping into the blogosphere (at least with their own blogs) like lemmings. Er, given how risk averse corporations are, those numbers seem on target. And given the thrashing Dell has gotten this week over its new one2one blog (much of it deserved criticism), it all kinda makes sense.


Steve Rubel sees a distinction in the stats for Forbes 200s (1.5% of the Best Small Companies are blogging) vs. Fortune 500s (5.8% have blogs). Many of these “small companies” are pretty big, at least by small business standards. So I don’t make much of the difference in these stats.

Meanwhile, Jupiter Research’s recent report (which I’ve been meaning to comment on) seems almost comically distorted: 70% of Web sites will have “deployed” corporate blogs by the end of 2006, the study says. Hmmm… Toby Bloomberg wrote up a nice analysis here poking a few holes in the report.

My new book, The Corporate Blogging Book, is written for the corporate-minded executive – the type who is practical, risk-averse, bottom-line oriented. I hope some of these guys (on the red stretch of the bar charts) will find it… and find it useful as well as a good read.

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