Not everyone, according to MarketingVox. The latest Gallup poll says:

Gallup’s latest examination of Americans’ online habits finds that one
in five Web users read Web-logs, or “blogs,” either frequently or
occasionally. Though this translates into 40 million readers, it
relegates blogs to the bottom pack of Internet activities, among the 13
for which Gallup recently measured Americans’ use. Like most Web
activities, blog readership hasn’t increased over the past year or so,
even though Americans are spending more time online.

So… who’s reading the 75,000 new blogs being created everyday according to Technorati’s Feb. 2006 State of the Blogosphere report? The short answer is that this may be the year of blog deaths as well as births. The best ones will rise to the top. The mediocre, occasionally or never updated blogs will die on the vine.

That’s not profound, I know. But it’s all I can come up with off-the-cuff. Your thoughts? Would love to hear. Click that comments link and add your two cents.