Forget those demo CDs. Wanna submit your album for review by Sony BMG Music Entertainment UK’s Columbia or RCA record labels? Set up a blog on Sony’s new Vox blogging platform and attach your music and video files.

As I predicted in The Corporate Blogging Book, companies will adopt more nuanced blogging platforms as they get more comfortable with blogs as a public-facing communications strategy.

With Vox, privacy controls let you determine who sees what. Typically, this is so you can hide from your mother or your boss what you did/said at last night’s party. But obviously, the feature has other uses as well.

Vox (from Six Apart, makers of the well-known TypePad) began as a personal publishing platform. This is the first instance I know of where a corporation has adopted it to build a community and acquire new customers (er, talent).

A bunch of Sony execs have Vox blogs, including Ged Doherty, CEO of Sony BMG UK and Mike (last name?) who runs Columbia Records UK.

And according to The Register UK (a tech news site), Sony BMG UK “has made it obligatory for all senior staff at both Columbia Records and RCA Records to start blogging actively.” (Apparently this is from an official Sony news release; will link to it if I find it.)

Useful Links

You can set up your Vox blog at Columbiademos.co.uk or RCAdemos.co.uk.

Vox Rocks (from Vox team blog)