I received this email from Loren McDonald, VP Marketing of EmailLabs, (full disclosure: I use their service to deliver WordBiz Report). EmailLabs publishes its own e-newsletter, Intevation Report, a great resource for email marketing tips.

“Just a quick note I thought you’d find of interest. The last two Intevation Reports have garnered the highest click-through rate of all time for the newsletter and the highest CT rate for individual articles: on list building and awesome subject lines. I had you in mind when I wrote 15 tips for awesome subject lines 🙂 Was tempted to use killer but opted for awesome instead. Clearly our readers love the simple tips articles and just aren’t that interested in the higher level stuff.” – Loren

See earlier post about using the word “tips” in your Subject Line.

Oh, and Loren, what WERE the click-through rates for your last two issues? Do tell…