If you’re still scratching your head over podcasting, the newest phenomenon to sweep the Web, read Stephan Spencer’s “Move Over Blogs: Here Come Podcasts.” This is the clearest explanation I’ve seen yet on what podcasting is and how it relates to RSS and blogs.

Spencer lists some good podcasting ideas that could be used on a variety of Web sites, no matter what your product or service, or whether your organization is for-profit or non-profit.

– Provide a thought-provoking tip of the day; just a short sound bite that your “listener subscribers” can download to an iPod, for example, and listen to on the run. (I love this idea. Better than a daily ezine or email, don’t you think?)

– Interview thought leaders in your field and publish these podcasts to your site. Again, your listener subscribers can download these audio interviews and tune in at their convenience.

He also provides a useful link to Engadget’s podcasting tutorial.