A producer from Canadian TV network BNN contacted me yesterday asking if I could do a live interview about CEO bloggers for the 5 PM EST edition of Squeezeplay. Unfortunately I couldn’t, as I’m up in Maine.

I suggested Richard Edelman as a CEO blogger. Richard was busy so Edelman senior VP Steve Rubel went to BNN’s studio in New York to do the interview. Asked if all CEOs should blog, he replied (as I would have), “probably not.”

Apple’s Steve Jobs is too “secretive” and likes to “control the message,”  Rubel said. But Chrysler’s Lee Iocacca would have been “a great blogger.” You have to be able to speak with “both passion and authority.” Great job, Steve.

Useful link (today only)

Watch the interview with Squeezeplay’s Amanda Lang and Kevin O’Leary (scroll down to 5:00 PM)