Dell just started blogging at one2one. And they’re responding positively, thus far, to a snarky blog post from big name blogger Jeff Jarvis and a critical, but thoughtful, post by Steve Rubel. (And a more measured riff from Robert Scoble.)

Jarvis, you may recall, is famous for starting the blogstorm – nicknamed Dell Hell – that called attention about a year ago to his frustration over Dell’s inadequate customer service.

Rubel makes the great suggestion that the Dell blog (it’s a multiple author blog) post an interview with Jarvis. Hey Dell guys (looks like all guy bloggers to me; I only looked quickly), that’s a terrific idea. You should do it. Yes, Jarvis goes over the top with his snarky attitude. But you can handle that.

The About page says Dell’s blog will listen carefully to customer comments. Let’s see if they allow negative comments, etc.

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