Twitter_video_scobleWatch this CBS interview with Robert Scoble (apparently filmed at his new office at in San Jose). It’s the best explanation I’ve seen so far of what Twitter is and how it works. As always, Scoble is in his best self-deprecating form.

The video shows how Twitter is a mashup of blogging, text messaging, and Google Maps.

“It’s stupid, lame and small… It’s real addictive… Three weeks ago I had 90 (Twitter) followers. Today I have more than 2,000 followers.”
– Robert Scoble in the CBS interview

I get that it’s the haiku of blogging (only 140 characters) but I still don’t feel a desperate urge to twitter. There’s the privacy thing, for one thing. Do I really want to tell you when I’m brushing my teeth?

Are you twittering?

Is this just the next GTHOOT (got to have one of those)??  Leave your Comment below. Would love to hear from you.

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