“Blogs are more searchable. Technorati and PubSub are more useful to me than Google.”

Above quote from a fascinating interview with Jonathan Schwartz on The Red Couch. Sun’s President blogs here. He’s prolific and voluminous; often writes essay-length entries. Trying to snag an interview with him so I can find out what makes him tick as a top corporate blogger. How and why does he write such long entries. Are his topics strategically selected? Must be a closet writer. Or maybe he’s just smart. I’ll find out.

ADDENDUM: What Schwartz means by his quote, above, is that he can find more useful information through blog search engines than he can by just doing a quick Google search. In his case, he’s looking for conversations, positive or negative, about issues related to open source, etc. Stuff he cares about and that he blogs about.