According to today’s Wall Street Journal.

Mike Dillon starts off in pitch-perfect blogging form on the legal thing… He writes:

“I was surfing with a friend last weekend who is CFO of a very hot
private start-up. Actually, let me clarify. He was surfing. I was doing
this. Don’t kid yourself – surfing is harder than it looks.”

After establishing himself as a surfin’ GC, Dillon segues immediately into a little riff on what makes Sun Microsystems a great place to work:

“As we floated between sets, he shared with me that his executive team
had noticed that their best employees seemed to all have worked for Sun
at some point in their career. This lead to a discussion about things
that make this place special and keep it interesting from the legal
side of things.” – Mike Dillon (Aug. 10, 2006)

Nice hat trick

Nice hat trick for a novice blogger: he gives us a tiny bit of backstory, makes Sun look good and also establishes himself as pretty cool.

Writing ability counts

He joins Sun’s blogging CEO Jonathan Schwartz, thus far the the only Fortune 500 CEO (public) blogger. Interesting that both Mike Dillon and Jonathan are good writers. Yes, writing ability does count in blogging.

A chapter on CEO Bloggers

I’ve got a chapter on CEO bloggers in my new book: The Corporate Blogging Book. Sorry, couldn’t resist. Hope that doesn’t sound too pushy. And a short answer to the question, “Should the CEO blog?” in Chapter 1 which you can download at