Thanks to everyone for the great turnout at the March 10, 2010 Sweets and Tweets and to tech celeb and friend Anil Dash for his terrific presentation on Expert Labs and how the social Web can connect ordinary citizens to Washington policymakers. It was the fourth in my continuing cupcake salon, making it the one-year anniversary.

The event features DC’s smartest geeks talking about the impact of social media on government and business. And of course it’s a chance for DC’s digerati to rub shoulders and to eat cupcakes at the very cool Baked and Wired in Georgetown. I am sorry if I didn’t get a chance to say hi to everyone last night – it was packed. Great coverage of the event below.

Photo above by Kathleen Smith. L to R: Microsoft sponsors Chris Niehaus and Mark Drapeau, moi and Anil Dash.

Le tout DC 2.0 attends.

Lewis Shepherd, director of the Microsoft Institute for Advanced Technology in Governments

Check out some great photos from the event thanks to @ClearedJobsNet. Watch the replay of the livestreamed VIDEO thanks to @digiphile. Read @KStreetKate‘s write-up on Check out the Twitter coverage at #sweetevent. More photos TK.

Thanks to Sweets and Tweets sponsors, including Microsoft U.S. Public Sector, INgage Networks (formerly Neighborhood America) and Genius Rocket. If you’re interested in sponsoring a future event, give Debbie a holler at debbie[dot]weil[at] or 202.255.1467.

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Click on the links above to go to the event pages. Then scroll down to see the list of attendees. It’s a who’s who of DC’s digerati.