How sweet it was this week to see the buzz around the third edition of Sweets and Tweets. 70 folks signed up for my social media event held on Nov. 17, 2009 at the very cool Baked and Wired in DC’s Georgetown. The evening event featured free cupcakes and Mark Drapeau (aka @cheeky_geeky) speaking on the topic of Social Networking: the Two Dirtiest Words in Gov 2.0. Thanks also to our sponsor, Neighborhood America, a company that has been doing cool things in the Gov 2.0 space before we called it Gov 2.0. Both CIO Jim Haughwout and CEO Kim Kobza attended.

It’s not clear whether it was the cupcakes (declared best in the nation) or Mark Drapeau (a very smart guy and DC’s most sought after Social Media Bon Vivant) that were the biggest draw. No matter. From left to right in the photo, Mark Drapeau, moi and Neighborhood America’s Jim Haughwout.

Here is a roundup of what folks were saying about Sweets and Tweets:


I posted some pics of the event on Flickr. They don’t do the cupcakes justice.

More about Sweets and Tweets

Sweets and Tweets features leading voices from DC’s diverse technology community talking about the use of social media by the public and private sector, from the White House and federal agencies to local startups. The event series is produced and hosted by moi, an author, social media consultant, speaker and card-carrying member of DC’s Digerati since the 1980s. Previous events featured GeniusRocket’s Mark Walsh on crowdsourcing and HHS’s Andrew P. Wilson, who runs
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