I’m running a quick survey on corporate and CEO blogging. It’s aimed at marketing, PR and communications professionals. And any other execs who read this blog. And it’s designed as a reality check.

Lots of smart folks (Jeremiah Owyang is one) are saying that 2007 will be the year of executing — as opposed to asking why or what — when it comes to business blogs. But I want to know what *you* are thinking.

I’m also asking about your use of social media tools like Technorati and

Take the survey (3 – 5 minutes)

Click here to take my quick survey on Corporate and CEO blogging and Your Use of Social Media Tools. I’ll share results on this blog.

If you need a bribe…

Two lucky (re-read this and decided it sounded obnoxious… well you decide if it’s lucky!) survey respondents will win a signed copy of my book, The Corporate Blogging Book (Penguin Portfolio 2006).

Kind words about the book from Roger C. Parker…

It’s really a spectacular book, an example of just
about everything
an effective non-fiction book should be. As expected, it is a “fast
read” with numerous underlinings and pauses to reflect.

Roger C. Parker, design guru and author (Jan. 31, 2007)