I’m bored with the slides I’ve been using and decided to Google around for some new ideas. Came across the presentation below on slideshare.net (it’s been viewed 53,455 times!). I love the way he uses different colors for the backgrounds. Shades of Tom Peters, but more palatable. I especially like slide #17: “the birth of Generation C.” Clever.

Have also been reading (and re-reading) PresentationZen, the new book by Garr Reynolds. A must, if you haven’t run across it. It’s filled with “befores” and “afters” of cluttered vs. simpler and more powerful slides.

Yes, of course I hate PowerPoint but if I have to use it I want to make better slides.

From: wah17: A Literature Review on Social Media. A compilation of social media thoughts from the experts point of view. Produced by Alex Wong from Charles … less Sturt Uni, Australia. 

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