I was a journalist, reporter and editor, for a decade plus (for The Atlanta Constitution, Roll Call and other publications). Yeah, there was life pre-Web. Now I’m a… well, blogger among other things (speaker, consultant, e-newsletter publisher). Even so, I’ve been shaking my head about this new hall of mirrors. Am I a blogger to be courted by…  journalists? Am I a journalist… to be courted by corporate PR execs? Both? Neither??

The hall of mirrors thing has happened to me twice now.

Last week Heather Green of BusinessWeek, co-author of Blogspotting.net, called me for a quote for the BW article about Microsoft (Troubling Exits, Sept. 26, 2005 cover story). She asked what I knew about the Mini Microsoft blog. Not much, I confessed. (I didn’t get quoted.)

We hung up.

Five minutes later, she called back to make sure I wasn’t going to blog BW’s forthcoming story based on Mini Microsoft. Forbes’ story on Microsoft’s middle age was already out. I won’t, I promised. And didn’t. Until the story was published. See Corporate Blogging 2.0.

Three days ago I decided to register for DaimlerChrysler’s new Firehouse blog – “open to media and industry analysts only.” I didn’t expect to be approved as I’m not really a member of the media. OK, like any other self-respecting blogger I try and get free passes to conferences. But you know what I mean…

To my considerable surprise, I was “approved” and given a login to get into the Firehouse blog within minutes. I was puzzled…

Here’s why I was let in, from Firehouse blog editorial director Ed Garsten:

for the fair coverage on your site and your generous use of my
comments. I have to say, several other blogs resorted to kneejerk
non-sensical rhetoric without once contacting us. 

I did grant you
access because I researched your credentials and I thought it would be
a good idea if someone who seemed like she would make a fair, open and
educated assessment of TheFirehouse had  a chance to come inside,
perhaps we’d get a fair shake. You didn’t disappoint me.”

Make of that what you will. I’m still mulling it over. One conclusion… I’m not snarky enough and Ed knew it. Darn.