I am slightly embarrassed to learn that I’m #6 on the newly published Twitter Power 150 list, inspired by Todd Andrlik‘s Ad Age Power 150 (a listing of top media & marketing blogs).

While this blog used to be in the top 100 and even top 50 of the Ad Age list, it has fallen much lower in recent months due to 1.) the re-launching of BlogWriteForCEOs at www.debbieweil.com/blog and 2.) my not blogging frequently enough.

Yes, I’m one of many long-time bloggers who has been seduced by the instant gratification of Twitter, wherein I can compose a 140-character micro thought (aka a Tweet) and post it in less than 10 seconds.

I’m gratified to be #6 on the Twitter Power list (as of this writing), putting me ahead of @steverubel, @dmscott, @jackiehuba and even @chrisbrogan, among many others. But I realize it may be because of my having neglected this blog.

So here’s my 2009 challenge: getting back into more regular blogging. NOT on topics that repeat what’s in the social media echo chamber. But on topics that will continue to unpack the why and what of social media marketing for what I fondly call the non-digerati, i.e. everyone else out there in the business world.

If they don’t get it – and if I (and others) can’t explain it to them – then we’re all engaging in a backscratching love and link fest that, frankly, is pointless.