I’ve learned not to watch Amazon rankings for The Corporate Blogging Book too closely. They tend to move widely up and down.

For whatever reason, today is a good day! My book is #14 on Amazon’s Business / Marketing & Sales bestseller list. Right below Seth Godin’s Small is the New Big and just above  Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point.

Happy holidays and a special thanks to all my readers!


A few comments from readers:

“Just started reading your book on the plane this morning (on a short biz trip)
and am hooked already.”
– Ray van Hilst, Director of New Media, Imre Communications

“I keep copies on my desk to give to every new client. It’s so great — I don’t have to explain it all. And your book is easy to read.”

– Jake McKee, Big In Japan

I always have a stack of copies of The Corporate Blogging Book. I give it to all my new clients.”

– Ted Wright, partner, Fizz