This came in an email today.

Hi Debbie, I was early for a lunch meeting and decided to walk into a bookstore to kill some time. I really had no purpose in the bookstore, so I started to think of some books that I wanted to skim through. Yours was one of them.

I was only going to skim your book, soak up the info, then put it down and head off to my meeting. However, I got so engrossed in its contents, I was unaware of the time. I nearly missed my meeting and immediately jumped up from the lounge chair to go and purchase your book. I just couldn't leave it behind.

What a tremendously beautiful book you've written. It was certainly needed in the market. Every blogging book I've seen focuses on the mechanics of launching a blog. Yours is the first that focuses on the strategies of launching a blog geared to a corporate crowd. I now have a great blogging book to refer to my corporate clients.

Your book also gave me a great outline for a book that I plan to write on corporate podcasting. That's my specialty. I noticed that you only mentioned it as a cousin to blogs, so this gives me an incentive to get the manuscript finished.

Thanks again for writing your book. If I can help you in any way with podcasting, do let me know. You've got a fan.

– Leesa Barnes, podcasting expert and president of Toronto-based Caprica Interactive Marketing 

Note: Leesa tried to post her review to my Amazon page but was told she had to make a purchase for $30 first. First I've heard of that. Kinda obnoxious. She posted her review instead on Toronto's cool Chapters Indigo bookstore site. It should appear there shortly.

Thanks Leesa!