The NBA has fined Mark Cuban $100,000 for his critical blogging “of the league regarding the selection of playoff officials, and how to improve playoff officiating” according to

And another $100,000 for going onto the court after Game 1 of the Dallas’ series against the Spurs.


Being a sports idiot, I don’t really understand why this is so bad…

At any rate, the take-home is *not* that you shouldn’t blog. It’s that you’ve gotta know what you shouldn’t blog about. And most CEOs know where the line is.

[via Steve Rubel]

P.S. Read the comments on Steve’s blog for conjectures as to why Cuban got the fine.

P.P.S. If there were an award for CEO Blogger with the Most Typos, Misspellings and Sloppy Writing it would go to Mark Cuban. Hope I won’t get fined for saying that…