citizen_marketers_book-3d-cm1.jpgThe first is the just published Citizen Marketers by Jackie Huba and Ben McConnell. It's a fast, engaging read and extremely well written. In a nutshell, they explain how ordinary citizens are creating media (blogs, podcasts, video, songs, photo) that rival multi-million dollar ad budgets in their ability to affect brands – both negatively and positively.

Two blog entries that explain Web 2.0 and social media

The second is a blog entry by Jeremiah Owyang: 10 Social Media Strategies for Fortune 1000 Corporations

Third is HP Eric Kintz's blog post: Web 2.0 Trends 

And of course The Corporate Blogging Book

tcbb-100px.gif… if you haven't gotten to it yet. Readers are calling it the best “How-to” on corporate or business blogging.