Interviewed new celeb author Timothy Ferriss (The 4-Hour Workweek) after he delivered his keynote at The New New Internet in Reston, VA last week. This guy is no slacker even though he’s figured out how to outsource just about everything, including looking for a girlfriend.   

Tim comes across as super serious in this video. Too bad because moments later he took off his jacket, looked much more relaxed and started chatting up some geeks while eating his delayed lunch. 

I love his outsourcing ideas (some are obnoxiously appealing; for example, getting a personal assistant based in India to email your spouse or significant other) and only wish I’d remembered to bring my copy of his book for him to sign. I ordered multiple copies and sent them to everyone in my family last summer.

He’s also got a great blog and writes knowledgeably about stuff that I’m really interested in. For example, How to Learn (But Not Master) Any Language in 1 Hour.   

I asked him if he thought his idea of “cultivating selective ignorance” was striking a chord with readers overwhelmed by email, cell phones, voicemail and the like. Here’s his answer:

Update: Here’s to life outside of the inbox!

I emailed the link to this video to Tim’s assistant Amy, per instructions from him: [email protected].

Here’s the response I got (very clever, I thought). Of course, I don’t have his phone number but presumably some folks do. So he’s telling them, please don’t email me:

Hi All,

In an effort to actually get work done, I am checking email once every 2-4 days.  If you need a response soon and have my number, please call me.  I actually prefer phone for quick decisions.  My assistant will be reading your email in the meantime.

Cheers, and here’s to life outside of the inbox!


P.S.  I read all e-mail personally, but I cannot always reply, especially with involved how-to questions.  Thanks for understanding, and I appreciate your e-mail!

this email is: [ ] blogable   [x] ask first  [ ] private

I’m wondering where he got that last line (bloggable has two “g’s, BTW). I got it from Seth Godin and it’s also in the Resources section at the back of my book.